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TV Memorabilia

Portland TV Stations

Channel 2 KATU
ABC Our choice for the most professional Commercial TV Station in the Portland Vancouver Metropolitan area.
Channel 6 KOIN
CBS Our opinion is this is a good quality TV Station with descent programming.
Channel 8 KGW
NBC Our opinion is this TV Station provides quality TV.
Channel 10 OPB
Public Broadcasting Our choice for the most unbiased news and most educational TV station in the Portland Vancouver Metropolitan area.
Channel 5 & 32 KWBP
Warner Bros
Channel 12 KPTV
FOX One of the things we personally like about it, is that they stay "local" Mon - Fri whereas the other major networks go to National News.
Channel 49 KPDX
Now you can get Memorabilia from your favorite TV shows.
Before any cable channel gets to you, it still goes by satellite to get there. Why would you want to put a cable company in the middle? Cable TV just costs more, it has to.

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