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Portland Area News Sources

News from TV Stations Newspapers in Portland & Surrounding Area
Channel 2 KATU Local News The Portland Tribune Gresham Outlook
Channel 6 KOIN Local News Beaverton Valley Times Lake Oswego Review
Channel 8 KGW Local News
Not recommended *
The Oregonian
Not recommended *
Oregon City News
Sandy Post
Channel 10 OPB Local News
*** Best Bet for unbiased News
Clackamas Review Sherwood Gazette
Channel 12 KPTV Local News East County News The Southwest Connection
National & World Newspapers Estacada News The Times (Tigard Tualatin Sherwood)
USA Today News Hub Forest Grove News Times West Linn Tidings

Other News Sources: Portland News Feeds:

USA Today

Sports Weekly

The Wall Street Journal

Local Newspapers

* KGW requires visitors to register to view their web site. This is not a technical issue, it's a marketing preference that we disagree with. Because of that and until they change their thinking, we suggest using any of the other TV News Stations. That is a decision made by their marketing director and is not a discrimination against their news team which is quite capable. The facts are that when you register, it gives them just too much information about you and your surfing habits which we think should be kept private. Our feeling is viewing their web site anonymously protects our freedom and further as a simple protest you should clear your cookies and avoid any web site that makes this a requirement. If you still feel the need to go to there web site you can do so on the TV web sites page by clicking here.

* The Oregonian through their Oregon Live web site requires you to register to view their web site. We feel this is an intrusion and an extra step that should not be required to view their web site. We again suggest using any of the many other news resources until they have changed this policy. If you feel you just gotta go to their web site, then you can click to The Oregonian here.

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