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Movies you can order and movies you can download right now.
(Downloaded movies from Movielink require a high speed connection)
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Cinema Now is where you can not only down load movies and videos, you can Own Them.

Movielink has all kinds of movies you can get right now. Check out the whole list, their 50% weekly specials or the 99 cent movie below.

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Disney is of course the choice for great Family Movies and now they have a movie program you can join to get their movies sent to your home.


Video Store Phone Address
American Family Video 503-231-0714 15 SE 20th Ave
Asian Video 503-243-3668 406 SW Oak St
Beverly Hills Video 503-777-2626 7475 SE 72nd Ave
Beverly Hills Video III 503-282-1708 1465 NE Prescott St
Bich Ngoc Video 503-252-5919 7535 NE Glisan St
Blockbuster Video, there are many stores, click here to see them all.
Clinton Street Video 503-236-9030 2501 SE Clinton St
Fat Cobra Video 503-247-3425 5940 N Interstate Ave
First Stop Video Raleigh Hills 503-297-5732 4820 SW 76th Ave
Great American Video 503-653-2680 6130 SE King Rd
Hollywood Video, there are many stores, click here to see them all.
Impulse Video 503-245-8351 6356 SW Capitol Hwy
Impulse Video 503-452-8254 8511 SW Terwilliger Blvd
In Motion Pictures 503-281-2760 7000 NE Airport Way
Midnight Ramble Video 503-287-0319 1810 NE Jarrett St
Movie Madness Video & More 503-234-4363 4320 SE Belmont St
Mt Tabor Video 503-255-4141 8115 SE Stark St
Que Huong Video Music & Books 503-281-1690 6529 NE Sandy Blvd
Saigon Video 503-291-1416 8676 SW Canyon Rd
Seoul Video 503-777-9720 1313 SE 82nd Ave
Suncoast Motion Picture Co 503-288-8797 1236 Lloyd Center
Suncoast Motion Picture Co 503-659-0348 12000 SE 82nd Ave
Tienda Video Leonardo 503-285-5257 1214 N Killingsworth St
Tower Records/Video/Books 503-253-1314 1307 NE 102nd
Trang's Book & Video Store 503-255-6626 8211 NE Brazee St
Van Son Video 503-234-1060 3819 SE Belmont St
Video Rama 503-289-8408 2310 N Lombard St
Video Rama 503-796-2825 1136 NW Lovejoy St
Video Rama 503-231-1181 1990 SE Ladd Ave
Video Rama 503-247-3433 7522 N Lombard St
Video Rama 503-288-4067 2640 NE Alberta St
Video Underground 503-238-0852 2715 SE Belmont St
Video Verite 503-445-9902 3956 N Mississippi Ave
Video Visions 503-284-7377 6723 NE Killingsworth St
Video World 503-254-8700 10626 NE Sandy Blvd
Wherehouse Music 503-777-0449 4100 SE 82nd Ave

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