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BOTOX Cosmetic is approved for the temporary treatment of moderate to severe frown lines between the brows in some people.

BOTOX Physician



Diane R. Baker, MD, Dermatology 503-471-0500 1706 NW Glisan St
Jeremy A. Benedetti, MD, Plastic Surgery 503-331-6182 3500 N. Interstate Ave
Linda I. Cruz, MD, Family Practice 503-531-9000 15325 NW Central Dr
Roger A. Dailey, MD, Ophthalmology 503-494-3020 3375 SW Terwilliger Blvd
Jerry Darm, MD, Bariatrics 503-697-9777 9735 SW Shady Ln
Stiles T. Jewett, Jr., MD, Plastic Surgery 503-646-0101 12400 NW Cornell Rd
John A. Kazmierowski, MD, Dermatology 503-223-6480 233 NW 16th Ave
Douglas J. Key, MD, Dermatology 503-291-1953 9555 SW Barnes Rd
Marla M. Klein, MD, Dermatology 503-445-2200 9495 SW Locust St
John S. Lee, MD, Plastic Surgery 503-228-5432 2363 NW Flanders St
David D. Magilke, MD, Facial Plastic Surgery 503-297-6511 9427 SW Barnes Rd
Marcus Melvin, MD, Plastic Surgery 503-297-1414 9200 SW Barnes Rd
Phoebe Rich, MD, Dermatology 503-226-3376 2565 NW Lovejoy St
Clytie S. Rimberg, MD, Dermatology 503-249-8787 4214 NE Broadway
Janet L. Roberts, MD, Dermatology 503-223-1933 2330 NW Flanders & 222 NW Lovejoy
Robert L. Roberts, DO, Facial Plastic Surgery 503-233-5548 9200 SE 91st Ave
Marla Ross, MD, Dermatology 503-245-2415 10215 SW Hall Blvd
Lisa S. Turner, MD, Dermatology 503-216-9400 417 SW 117th Ave
Elizabeth VanderVeer, MD, Internal Medicine 503-443-2250 6650 SW Redwood Ln
Kathleen A. Waldorf, MD, Plastic Surgery 503-646-0101 12400 NW Cornell Rd

You can find Vancouver BOTOX Physicians here

* BOTOX is a Registered Trademark of and marks owned by Allergan, Inc.

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